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Software CD and DVD Manufacturers

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Software CD and DVD manufacturers are a convenient way to get a product retail-ready. Getting a professional looking finished product is easier than you might think. The most dependable software CD and DVD manufacturers provide everything from design, packaging, distribution, and, of course, the manufacturing of the disc. When a software project is nearing completion, there are countless tiny tasks that will need to be dealt with. Take the headache out of the equation by taking the finished software to an all-in-one business. With design, printing, packaging, and distribution out of the way, focus and drive can be directed towards other aspects of the project.


The importance of a designer able to understand the software project and goals of the client cannot be overstated. Reputable companies like Duplium have in-house design teams that not only capture the spirit and essence of the software project, but understand the opportunities and limits of the chosen packaging as well as the capabilities of the technology being used. They are often the best possible choice when it comes to producing a beautiful software product ready for store shelves.


Looking for software CD and DVD manufacturers isn’t something that most companies want to spend a lot of time on. The frustrations that accompany dealing with multiple companies, each specializing in their own product, can be eliminated by selecting a manufacturer that handles their own printing and in-house packaging. One company that handles their own packaging specifications and templates is better able to understand and share a vision of the finished product. Errors in the process can be eliminated and the artwork design is sure to align not only with the product, but also with the target market. Experienced companies like Duplium offer a variety of packaging options that include, but are not limited to:
  • Jewel Cases
  • DigiPaks
  • Custom Software Boxes
  • DVD and Blu-Ray cases

Disc Reproduction

There are different disc reproduction options available depending on the size of the run and the time-frame in which the discs are required. No matter what kind of timeline you’re facing, experienced teams like those at Duplium can help. They’ll aid in the assessment of the final goal and guide you towards the best possible option for your unique situation. Every project has differing needs and goals. The right software CD and DVD manufacturers have the experience and the industry insight to offer the best advice as well as the capability to create the optimal solution. It’s just another reason that deciding on the right manufacturer is so important.
Software CD and DVD manufacturers are not cookie cutter shops. Some offer professional guidance and superior quality discs and services that can’t be matched by the competition. Make the simple decision and choose a team with an in-house design team, brilliant packaging solutions, and the highest quality disc duplication capabilities possible. It’s far easier than sourcing from several more specialized companies and the beautiful, store-ready finished software product reflects the in-house team’s ability to craft the most accurate and thorough reproductions possible.  
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